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Friday, March 30, 2012

Carhartt Leather Work Gloves

I recently came in possession of a pair of large "Carhartt Leather Fencer Gloves" ($15) and am now doing a review on them. The glove is available in only one color, but many sizes (small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large). The picture on the website is a bit deceiving, as they have changed the glove a little bit since they posted that picture, so I hope my photos help clear things up.

Anyways, on to the reviewing. I have been in search of a good, rugged pair of gloves that would not be excessively hot in the summer. These gloves pretty much fit the description. Carhartt made these gloves out of good, sturdy leather, but as leather is a good insulator, they did not make them so thick as to melt your hands. They have no insulation, padding, or lining of any sort, just tough raw leather. Sure, it isin't the most comfortable glove I've ever worn, but if your going to be using a rugged glove like this, your probably not going for comfort, but protection. The leather is thick enough to easily handle wood, chainsaws, or even small thorns, but not thick enough to take away all your dexterity. It is still pretty easy to maneuver one's hand around wearing these things, allowing for a bit of precision if needed. The one thing they have, that I can't say is all to useful is an elastic for the wrist. The elastic really doesn't work all that well, and is so weak that it serves to do little but give it a 'buying reason'. Overall, Carhartt, as always, made this glove a rugged, work-worthy product that you will not regret buying.

(As always, beware that the seller's photo's always come first, followed by my own.)