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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Caran D'Ache Black Metal Ballpoint

I recently purchased the Caran D'Ache Black Metal Ballpoint pen. The pen first struck me as exceedingly small. However, this small little pen is more than meets they eye. Coming in at around half an inch shorter, and slightly thicker than a pencil, one thing I really grew to like about this pen was it's size. Now, if your the kind of person who finds yourself frequently losing things, I can't say I'd recommend this pen, as it could easily get lost,.

The pen itself is very simple. It has very few pieces (three or four, including the ink cartridge), and is simple in design. The clip works well, and the pen extracts and retracts noiselessly, avoiding the common clicking noise. I bought mine from Kaufmann Mercantile, but they can be easily located elsewhere.

My only complaint about the pen is, unlike advertised, it doesn't always "drop a smooth, crisp line." Instead, it only writes slightly better than your average pen. This complaint, although seemingly nit-picky, really is a bit of a complaint, seeing as the main point of a pen is writing. At any rate, if you think you might be interested, I've included some photos below, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment.